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Open Application

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“Good technology is no longer a luxury - it’s the foundation. To have even the smallest part in outlining this, being part of a global evolution and enhancing the tools making this creation equal, accessible and considerate of all life, was what drew me to the blockchain sphere. How the same values are so strongly enforced as the foundation of Superblocks, made for an opportunity I could not resist.” 



Carl aka The Newbinator 
“I used to spend a lot of his time building guilds in games to slay pixelated dragons with my friends. I wanted the same challenge and excitement IRL, so after years working in a centralized financial service company I decided to risk everything to pursue that goal. Inspired by Valve’s decentralized organization, I found and joined forces with Thomas in 2017 to build Superblocks.”





”I've always been interested in creating new products, teams and organisations and become a full time entrepreneur, developing new ideas and concepts to keep pushing our society to unleash its full potential and live a more fulfilling live. After my second business adventure and after meeting Thomas and Carl, I decided to join forces to found Superblocks in order to create products and services which will help us reach our vision of a more decentralized and equalitarian future.” 




 “This spring I found myself pushing for women to join tech startups early on, reasoning that the equality women have fought for for generations otherwise might be lost in our digital future. So when the opportunity presented itself I decided to live as I taught and join Superblocks. I hope decentralization will mean a redistribution of wealth in the world from the few to the many.”



You’re still here. Maybe because you know that high risk usually comes with a high reward. Maybe you’re curious on what that reward might be? Maybe you are here because you are passionate about a decentralized future and look forward to disrupt the old, centralized and boring systems that run the world today?

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